A punitive and heavy-handed culture is not succeeding in significantly reducing violence associated with crime, nor is it meeting the needs of its victims. However, other models of justice with a more communitarian and restorative approach are giving rise to experiences of transformation of conflictive situations. How do these experiences work in contexts that are extremely violent or where crime is a widespread, collective and organized practice? How do they manage to generate spaces of peace and community coexistence?

These questions will be the focus of the dialogue between Gláucia Foley, judge and coordinator of the Community Justice program of the Court of Justice of the Federal District (Brazil); Marisol Ramírez Sánchez, member of the “Crecer con Justicia” International Institute (Mexico); and Raul Calvo Soler, PhD in Legal Sciences and professor at the University of San Andrés (Argentina).

The session will take place on Tuesday 13 April and is part of the series entitled “Latin America: How to face violence from peacebuilding” organized by ICIP.

All debates in the series will stream live at the ICIP Youtube channel at 6 p.m (CET).

(Photography: Renacimiento. Author: Sebastián Miquel).