ICIP has five collections of books, co-published with different publishers, the monographic e-magazine Peace in Progress, and various research publications to spread the culture of peace among the citizens and the academic public.

Peace in Progress

The magazine Peace in Progress aims to be a tool for providing analysis, offering reflections, creating opinions and disseminating ideas, mainly promoted around the ICIP environment and similar centres. Apart from generating debate, it wants to impact the field of ideas and action at a national, state and international level.

Book collections

Classics of peace and non-violence

This collection aims to facilitate the progressive implantation of the culture of peace and the consequent eradication of socio-political violence.

Tools for peace, security and justice

This collection aims to be practical support for people who feel committed to working for peace with varying degrees of involvement.

Peace and security

This collection is aimed at experts and practitioners in peace, security and conflict resolution, with a particular interest in those working in Latin America.

Nonviolence and the fight for peace

The titles of this collection provide society, academia and administrations with tools for reflection and action that show that nonviolence is desirable, viable and effective.

ICIP Research

Compilation of research activities on armed conflict, human security, conflict resolution and transformation, international relations, international law and peacebuilding.

Research publications

The ICIP Reports collection includes research already completed or studies commissioned by the institution on different work areas.

The ICIP Documents collection includes reports on seminars and public conferences organized by the institution within the different work areas.

The Policy Papers series aims to provide a forum for analysing critical issues related to public policy in peace and security.

Last update: 19/03/2024