The ICIP Peace in Progress Award Prize 2011 recognized the collective of objectors and insubmisses of conscience of the compulsory military service “in representing a long and diverse struggle against conscription, which contributed to the deepening of democracy and to the spread of the values of the culture of peace, as well as popularizing, with the rejection of the use of weapons, conscientious objection, civil disobedience and the nonviolent resolution of conflicts”.

The award ceremony took place in February 2012 at the Palace of the Parliament of Catalonia. He received the award, on behalf of the group, Pepe Beunza, the first conscientious objector to the compulsory military service for ideological reasons of the Spanish State in 1971, accompanied by four other representatives of the movement: Jordi Agull., who was the second conscientious objector; Jaume Llans., insubmissive; Ramon Panyella, president of the Movement for Peace – the former Association of Conscience Objectors; and Mart. Olivella, member of the first group of Can Serra objectors.