Based on the story of what happened in Istanbul in 2013, the exhibition shows how people of diverse origins, cultures, lifestyles and beliefs, such as those who gathered in Gezi Park, can set aside their differences and join together to protest nonviolently against a situation they considered to be unjust. In this case, Kurds, Kemalists, Armenians, secular humanists, Muslims, LGBT activists, Galasataray and Besiktas supporters, and many other groups overcame old antagonisms, stereotypes and mutual distrust in eminently peaceful protests that were characterized by their creativity.

The use of creativity and art as nonviolent and transformative tools is precisely one of the other aspects that ICIP aims to draw attention to with this exhibit.

The exhibition, consisting of 16 large-format dramatized portraits, includes an audiovisual lasting almost 25 minutes, in Turkish, Spanish and English, with subtitles in Catalan.

The exhibition is designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors.

The author

Oriana Eliçabe (Argentina 1972) is a documentary photographer and cultural agitator. She is a member of the Enmedio collective, which combines art with social activism, where she coordinates TAF! (Photographic Action Workshop) , a photography workshop applied to urban intervention in which a critical attitude is encouraged regarding the contemporary use of photography and its relationship with social reality.