David Cortright. Gandhi avui: noviolència per a una nova era política. Barcelona: Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; Pagès, 2010. Collection “Noviolència i lluita per la pau”, 1.

The book Gandhi and Beyond by David Cortright presents the reader with a good summary of Gandhi’s nonviolent strategy. It also looks the experiences that helped shape Gandhi into the spiritual leader he became, with special consideration of his experiences in the United States in particular. The author analyzes the practices used by social movements that have opted for nonviolent strategies since Gandhi’s time. Cortright then uses these examples to formulate general rules and applies them to the pressing issues of today, such as terrorism.

In sum, Gandhi and Beyond offers the reader a modern interpretation of Gandhian philosophy and applies it to the new political era in which we find ourselves: an era in which new forms of violence have emerged and which demand new nonviolent responses from society. The book presents the reader with new paths for fighting for Peace and Justice from a nonviolent perspective.

About the author

David Cortright was recruited by the North American military during the Vietnam War. He soon became active part of the anti-war movement while doing his service. He has since been an important activist in the movement against nuclear armament and recently led the coalition Win Without War, a group that actively opposed the invasion of Irak. He is currently a Professor of Peace Studies and Nonviolent Social Change at Notre Dame University and is author of numerous books including: Soldiers in Revolt and Peace: A History of Movements and Ideas.