Prendre partit -1: guia per a equips de pau i projectes d'acompanyament. Elizabeth F. Boardman

Elizabeth Boardman. Prendre partit – 1: guia per a equips de pau i projectes d’acompanyament. Barcelona: Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; Icària, 2011.

Taking a stand is a manual designed for those who intend to participate in solidarity projects of nonviolent resistance. It is a useful text that helps prepare people who will collaborate on a peace mission.

The author wrote Taking a Stand upon her return from Iraq, after having lived and worked with the Iraq Peace Team. The book aims to capture her experience during this time, and to explain her motivation for dedicating herself to peace and for working with an accompaniment team for high-risk groups and individuals.

About the author

Elizabeth F. Boardman is a peace activist and writer. She participated in weekly vigils against the Vietnam War while living in India and Pakistan, and also actively participated in war tax resistance against military spending. She is also deeply involved in the San Francisco Friends Meeting.