Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau. Trenta preguntes sobre l’OTAN. 30 anys després del referèndum. Barcelona: Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; Líniazero, 2016.

30 years and a few wars, with terrible consequences for millions of people, after the referendum on the presence of Spain in the alliance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, it is now time to think about whether it makes sense for Spain to remain a member of NATO, when there is no other similar military block which constitutes a menace, and whether Spain should continue supporting it.

The present book offers excellent information on the evolution of NATO, the unfulfillment of the three conditions of the referendum, as well as some other reasons which back up withdrawal from this military alliance.

About the authors

The Centre of Studies for Peace J.M Delàs, founded in 1999, has as its mission the promotion of a culture of peace and the construction of a disarmed society and, in order to accomplish that, it dedicates its efforts to raise awareness on the perverse effects of arms and militarism. It combines research and publication work with dissemination and social mobilization work on the negative aspects of militarism: military budget, military R+D, arms manufacturing and trade, as well as government failure and liability for non-compliance of treaties.

The centre is named after Josep Manuel Delàs, president of Justicia i Pau in Girona and former commander of the reserve army and member of the Democratic Military Union (UMD in Spanish), and who decided, in his last stage of life, to dedicate himself to the defense of peace and the values of nonviolence.