Eleven years after the International Conference of Aiete, which led to the definitive end of ETA violence and the beginning of a new era in the Basque Country, Basque society still faces pending challenges for the achievement of a complete peace.

These challenges include the creation of a common, inclusive and social memory to explain the Basque conflict to future generations, the recognition and honoring of all the victims of violence, the promotion of new spaces for dialogue and trust among people with different sensibilities, and the processes of healing wounds that remain open.

Following the conferral of the ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2022 to the Basque Country’s associative network in favor of peace, ICIP has produced a video featuring the voices of some of the award-winning organizations in order to highlight the successes achieved so far and the challenges that still remain on the road to peace.

Participants include Aitziber Blanco (Foro Ciudadano Donostia), Agus Hernán (Permanent Social Forum), Maider Maraña (Baketik Foundation), María Oianguren (Gernika Gogoratuz), Iñigo Retolaza (MemoriaLab program) and Paul Ríos (Elkarri/Lokarri).