ICIP has opened a public call for the production of a series of podcasts (minimum five episodes) that will contribute to disseminate and draw attention to the gender perspective of the Colombian exile in Europe, focusing on the impact of exile on women and their processes of resistance and transformation.

The project is part of the work that ICIP carries out as Technical Secretariat of the Colombian Truth Commission in Europe, in which one of the functions is to accompany the work of the Commission’s Internodal Gender Group.

With the conviction that the truth of the Colombian conflict cannot be complete without the contribution of women, this group meets to work on impacts and resistances on exiled women; to characterize specific problems of exile and migration; to promote training, artistic and advocacy activities as well as activities related to the construction of memory of exile; to support and design events of recognition; and to draw attention to the work of women at a personal, organizational and political level.

The call is open until Monday, 5 April 2021. Those interested in participating should send their proposals to splana@icip.cat with “Elaboration of podcasts on gender and exile” in the subject line.

The production and broadcast of the podcasts will take place between the months of April and June 2021.