The project consists of a photographic exhibition and an audiovisual presentation of a journalism project carried out in four divided cities in Europe: Belfast (Northern Ireland), Mitrovica (Kosovo), Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Nicosia (Cyprus).

The conflicts that these four cities have gone through have left a deep scar on their residents, and the population has been divided into two almost separate parts. Despite the weight of history and the division which still marks everyday life in these cities, people on both sides are working to overcome the past and define a common future beyond their differences. Living on the Edge shows how stories of conflict and reconciliation are intertwined and reflected in the fragmented mirror of the urban fabric where they occur.

The exhibition, consisting of 26 two-sided panels, is designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors.

The audiovisual pieces that complement the exhibition can be seen on ICIP’s YouTube channel.

The authors

Angelo Attanasio is a journalist and video producer. He has published reports on conflicts, society, culture and travel in the Mediterranean countries and the Balkans for various European and Latin American media outlets.

Marco Ansaloni is a photojournalist specializing in history, culture and society. He understands history as a starting point from which to describe the experiences of cultures of another era and feel closer to the present social moment. Renowned international media outlets, such as National Geographic, have published his projects.