Paraules descalces. Dones fent Pau displays the portraits of thirteen women committed to peace and to the respect of human rights in Israel and Palestine. They are Israeli and Palestinian women who dedicate their lives and efforts to achieve an end to the conflict and the respect of human rights. They are all portrayed barefoot, as a metaphor of their honest and direct stand in the reality they must live in. Many of them are convinced that if women had participated in the peace talks between Israel and Palestine over the last decade, the agreements would have been better structured and reconciliation between the two peoples could have been reached. As women, they dedicate their energy and resources to the creation of another model of negotiation and relations, building bridges of dialog between the two sides.

With these 13 portraits, the exhibition also seeks to recall the initiatives and strength of women around the world who struggle to achieve peace, in line with Resolution 1325. This resolution was approved by the UN Security Council in 2000 to recall the impact that armed conflicts have on the lives of women and girls, stressing the leading role they can play in building peace.

The author

Social communicator, photographer and filmmaker, Dani Lagartofernández, is co-founder and director of the audiovisual production company “Somni de Mico Produccions” which, through the written word, design, photography and video, has carried out various projects related to the promotion of peace and human rights. As a photographer, he has carried out awareness and visualization projects in Palestine, Israel and Colombia. He has exhibited his work in London, at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris, in Barcelona, in Girona and in Bogotá.