Twelve years after it was first established, ICIP has renewed its corporate image and redesigned its website with the aim of giving a new impetus to the institution, reaching new audiences and strengthening its independence and international vocation.

The new brand image has been created to reflect greater proximity and dynamism, based on the premise that peacebuilding – the driving force behind ICIP’s activities – is a process, a state in motion, and not a milestone that is stagnant or that has already been achieved. That is why the new logo, with a sober and bold design, reinforces the ICIP acronym and accompanies it with the institution’s full name, with a special emphasis on the word “peace,” which takes on personality with the integrated italics.  At the same time, the logo incorporates a lower line that evokes dialogue, a cross-cutting element of the institution’s activities.

The change in corporate image has been carried out by the Talking Design Studio and is accompanied by the launch of a new website, developed in this case by Whads. The new website is multilingual – in the three working languages of the institution – with a responsive design, adapted to different mobile devices and tablets. It allows for clear and agile navigation through the various branches that make up ICIP: the four fields of work, the various channels and supports for the transmission of knowledge and dissemination of the culture of peace, and the Library as a center of reference in its field in Catalonia.

The renewal process has also included the change of domain to in the institution’s corporate emails.