ICIP has presented a new monograph of the digital magazine Peace in Progress dedicated to violence in non-war settings. The publication coincides with the release of the new digital version of the magazine, a completely revamped platform with a new design that makes it easier to consult all the issues published so far. This latest issue, the number 40, is entitled Violence in non-war settings.

Over the past four years, ICIP has made an effort to focus on these high-intensity situations, which are not related to extremism or classical warfare. They are situations that do not necessarily occur in authoritarian regimes but happen in “failed states” or in the poorest of all, something devastating to millions of people around the world. It is violence linked to organised crime, human trafficking, violence against defenders of the land and the environment, violence against women, and migration crises. This kind of violence is often associated with Latin America, but it is a reality in many other parts of the world.

With the publication of this issue, ICIP wants to contribute to broadening the views and knowledge on these multiple dimensions of violence, making it visible and at the same time giving tools to the people and groups who work to deal with it. Ours is a peacebuilding look that seeks to understand this violence’s dynamics and to know its actors based on a multidimensional reading of the phenomenon.

The authors

The monograph consists of 8 articles and an interview. The authors participating are: Ana Glenda Tager (Alianza por la Paz), Roger Mac Ginty (Durham Global Security Institute), José Antonio Guevara Bermúdez (Autonomous University of Tlaxcala, Mexico), Carolina Ricardo (Instituto Sou da Paz ), Mohamed Daghar (ENACT), Esperanza Hernández Delgado (La Salle University, Colombia), Jordi Mir (Pompeu Fabra University) and Sabina Puig (ICIP).

The monograph also includes an interview with Mary Kaldor, an expert in war, peace and security studies. The coordination was carried out by Sabina Puig, head of the ‘Violence in non-war settings’ area of ICIP.

On May 12, ICIP will hold a virtual magazine presentation on Twitter. The session will feature the participation of the authors Carolina Ricardo and José Antonio Guevara Bermúdez.

New design

With the release of this issue, the 40th edition, the magazine launches a new digital platform completely renewed and integrated into the ICIP website. The team responsible for the new design is Whads.

The renovation aims to open a new stage to consolidate the magazine’s trajectory and increase its scope and projection.

Based on articles, lectures and debates, Peace in Progress magazine offers a broad and multifaceted look at issues affecting peacebuilding. The aim is to contribute to the public discussion and provide content, diagnosis and proposals.

The magazine has published monographs on dialogue in polarised societies, drugs and violence in Latin America, missing persons, and the need to reorient security from feminism.

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