Blanco, Aitziber. Bidelagun. Acompañamiento a procesos de diálogo en Euskal Herria. Algunos aprendizajes y un camino por recorrer. Instituto Catalán Internacional para la Paz, 2024.

This book compiles some of the lessons learned from the facilitation spaces set up for complex dialogue processes in a context affected by politically motivated violence. These dialogues involve the difficult and necessary task of looking at a painful past and present from the grassroots, at a micro level, with political representatives, citizens and victims of violence as critical players. These dialogues have involved experiencing personal and group processes to create an ethical basis for coexistence based on joint practice.

Sharing the same space with people from different – and even antagonistic – personal and ideological backgrounds is always a risk, but these processes have made it possible to create the conditions of security and trust needed to face the challenge of approaching “the other.”

In short, this book speaks of a journey – that has not ended – in which the commitment and responsibility of the people involved have made it possible to look for new ways of facing and resolving fundamental disagreements and problems and, ultimately, contribute to improving coexistence.