Peacebuilding: Women in International Perspective. Elisabeth Porter (Spanish Edition) Peace and Security Collection, 4

Porter’s book helps us widen our vision of peacebuilding and uses a definition of peace that goes far beyond the mere absence of war. Porter gives examples of the positive roles women play in peacebuilding across the world and, based on their practices in such contexts, establishes the notion that peacebuilding is an integral and multidimensional process. According to this work, opting for the inclusion of women and their activities in a more integral perspective of peacebuilding widens and transforms our perception and understanding of the way the world works.

The book also offers valuable reflection on the concepts, debates and proposals that have arisen while attempting to definine what exactly peacebuilding means, and also pays special attention to the fundamental issues that must be taken into account in rebuilding broken societies. These include: dialogue, active listening, memory and history, reality and reconciliation.

The Prologue of the Spanish Edition is written by Carmen Magallón Portolés, Director of the Fundación Seminario de Investigación para la Paz.

The Author:

Elisabeth Porter has had a very active carreer as a both a Researcher and Professor at various Universities. She was a Research Director at INCORE (International Conflict Research Institute) at the University of Ulster. She currently directs the Centre for Peace, Conflict and Mediation at the University of South Australia.