Gene Sharp. De la dictadura a la democràcia. Un marc conceptual per a l’alliberament. Barcelona: Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; Líniazero, 2014.

The book From Dictatorship to Democracy is considered to be a classical theory reference book on nonviolent action that has inspired dissident movements throughout the world, from Burma and Bosnia to Estonia and Zimbabwe. This short and practical book was also a referent during the revolts of the Arab Spring. The book condenses in just a few pages the outcome of 40 years of the author’s research on nonviolent struggle, resistance movements, dictatorships, totalitarian regimes, political theory and sociological analysis, among others.

About the author

Gene Sharp (1928-2018) has been the main researcher at the Albert Einstein Institution in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been a Political Science emeritus teacher at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Over a period of thirty years, he has organized research meetings and seminars at the Centre for International Affairs at Harvard University. Sharp has taught all over the world and his work has been translated into 45 languages.