Vicenç Fisas. La gestión de las crisis sociopolíticas. ¿Prevención y/o cambio estructural? Barcelona: Institut Català Internacional per la Pau, 2017.

In this book (available here), Fisas has wanted to answer two questions: whether enough is being done to manage the world’s sociopolitical crises in a positive and transformative way to avoid the outbreak of violence; and, secondly, if preventing violence is enough or if we need to go further to understand the roots of sociopolitical crises. The author attempts to explain the causes and expressions of crises from the analysis of 85 cases that have occurred around the world in recent years.

The study also focuses on the level of efficiency and the limits of regional and international organizations dedicated to prevention. Fisas notes that the performance of these bodies is insufficient to solve crises, mostly internal and political in nature, and advocates profound political changes inside the countries affected through social pressure, citizen resilience and international solidarity.

The author

Vicenç Fisas holds a PhD in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford (UK) and is dedicated to the analysis of conflicts and peace processes. He has been following the evolution of conflict management and prevention since the 1970s.

Fisas directed the School for a Culture of Peace at the Autonomous University of Barcelona from its founding in 1999 until early 2016. He is the author of almost forty books on peace, conflict, disarmament, negotiations with armed groups and peace processes. In 1988 he won the National Human Rights Award.