Las mujeres y las guerras. Carol Cohn (ed.)

Carol Cohn (ed.). Las mujeres y las guerras. Barcelona: Institut CatalĂ  Internacional per la Pau, 2015.

Victims and resistance fighters, displaced and refugees, guerrilla fighters and peace builders; traditionally, the experiences of women have been ignored when it comes to studies on armed conflicts. Their voices have been silenced and this has led to a biased and partial vision of the real impact of wars.

Women and Wars is an interdisciplinary work in which gender analysts tackle different aspects of war, militarism and peacebuilding. The multiple experiences brought to debate in this book help us understand the dynamics and the complexity of armed conflicts. One cannot properly understand the relation of women and wars, nor war itself, without having a clear vision of the gender dimension, as the nexus between gender and war are established within patriarchy. This compilation of texts provides the reader with the necessary tools to have a better understanding of the experiences of women in armed conflicts.

Women and Wars is a compulsory reading handbook for all those people who have a true interest in International Politics, Security and Gender Studies.

The editor

Carol Cohn is director of the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights, and a teacher of Gender Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her research areas are gender and security, weapons of mass destruction, and the gender dimension in armed conflicts and peacebuilding. Cohn has been an active member of the UN Group of Work on Women, Peace and Security since 2001.