Alfons Banda. L’ombra de la pau. Barcelona: Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; FundiPau; Angle, 2015. Col·lecció Clàssics de la pau i de la noviolència, 9.

L’ombra de la pau (“The Shadow of Peace”) compiles 82 short texts which allow us to have an insight into the thought of Alfons Banda. From democracy to conflict management, human rights, education for peace, the military and economic roots of the current political system, public opinion or the Catalan process for independence; Banda tackled most of the topics necessary to establish a culture of peace.

The author

Alfons Banda (1944-2014), founder of the Fundació per la Pau and fosterer of the International Catalan Institute for Peace, was a very important member of the Catalan Pacifist movement of the last decades.

Foreword by Rafael Grasa, Francesc Gusi and Xavier Masllorens.