Miralles Crespo, Nora. Polítiques locals de seguretat humana i comunitària. Bones pràctiques a la demarcació de Barcelona. Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; Líniazero, 2023.

This resource reflects on the need to understand public safety as the preventive and transformative management of all forms of violence from a community perspective.  It presents municipal practices in the city of Barcelona that are based on social cohesion, on conflict management tools that are not only police based, and on the participation of citizens in policy design.  The objective is to highlight the efforts of municipalities that, for decades, have been working with a broader and more protective framework as opposed to a restrictive and punitive approach.

Local public policies often equate security with the guarantee of public order and the management of crime through institutional mechanisms of social control, such as the police, criminal law and surveillance technologies.   However, in order to address security as a growing challenge, there is a need for more comprehensive policy responses that are adapted to social concerns.