Repensar en Femení. Agneta Söderberg Jacobson.

Agneta Söderberg Jacobson. Repensar en femení! Manual per a una pau sostenible. Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; Icària, 2011. Col·lecció Eines de Pau, Seguretat i Justícia, 2.

In many parts of the world, women do not have the necessary resources to actively organize themselves into social groups, nor do they have the time to dedicate themselves to anything apart from the daily tasks that serve to ensure the survival of the family unit. This dynamic becomes even more evident during and after periods of war and/or armed conflict. The fact that women are not considered to be essential actors in wartime means that the great knowledge and experience these women have is often missed and not taken advantage of when it comes to conflict resolution and decision making. This is a great loss, both financially speaking and in terms of lost time, and has a negative impact on both the lives and futures of the men and women who make up these societies.

This manual demonstrates the connection that has been found between sustainable development, peace and the active participation of women in peace processes and decision-making. The study offers what should be considered to be a holistic model for peace building: a model in which gender equality is seen to be an essential ingredient for both the sustainability of development and peace within a society.

About the author

Agneta Söderberg Jacobson works for The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, a Foundation that has spent years dedicated to strengthening the position of women who live in the parts of the world most affected by war and armed conflict. The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation collaborates with women’s organizations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Israel/Palestine, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.