ICIP’s Governing Board was renewed in October, in accordance with the provisions of the law by which the institution was created.

With regard to the members elected by the Parliament of Catalonia, the plenary session of the chamber renewed Xavier Masllorens – who serves as president of ICIP – and Òscar Mateos, and appointed as new members the researcher Nour Salameh and the activist and writer Remei Sipi, who will take over from Cécile Barbeito and Magda Oranich.

As for the members appointed by the Government of Catalonia, the Generalitat has designated Josep Desquens, director general of Development Cooperation, and Joan Maria Piqué, director general of Planning and Innovation in External Action of the Government of Catalonia, to replace Miquel Royo and Manel Vila.

Along with these new appointees, the following members will continue to serve: Constitutional Law professor Marco Aparicio, anthropologist Gemma Casal, journalist Carme Colomina and the president of Ciemen, David Minoves.

Article 6 of Law 14/2007 on the creation of ICIP establishes that the Governing Board is the highest management and administrative body of the institution and that it is comprised of ten members, of which seven are elected by Parliament and three are appointed by the Government.