Activist and writer

She is a writer and essayist, as well as a cultural activist in the field of militant feminism.  She was the driving force behind the creation of the “E’Waiso Ipola” association, of which she is the secretary. This association brings together women from Africa in general and Equatorial Guinea in particular. She is also a promoter of the federation of African women’s associations in Spain.

She has worked at the CIDOB foundation for fifteen years, where she began her work in the Africa Department, and later became the director of the Specialized Courses in International Relations. For the last twenty years, she has also been an interim civil servant at the Justice Department of the Government of Catalonia.

In 1995, she created the publishing house Mey, where she specialized in the publication of African texts. She has written several essays and has participated in several collaborations, always dealing with the issues of African and migrant women. She is a lecturer and organizer of courses and seminars, and a coordinator of literary circles on Africa and its women.