The ICIP, together with the Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) and the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), organizes a round table to discuss the European Union’s peacebuilding policies and practices and learn to promote them from NGOs.

The table “The European Union and the peacebuilding” is addressed to representatives of NGOs based in Spain to provide them with information on the key players in the construction of peace in the institutions of the EU, information on recent political developments related to peacebuilding and conflict prevention at European level; and practical advice to participating in the promotion of peacebuilding in the EU.

The activity will occur on March 10, 2023, in Barcelona, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Sant Pau modernist complex). The round table will be held in English and Spanish, with the possibility of translation.

To attend the event, you must register before January 30, 2023, by emailing

The initiative is part of the Civil Society Dialogue Network (CSDN), a mechanism for dialogue between civil society and EU policy-makers on issues related to peace and conflict. The initiative is managed by EPLO and co-financed by the EU.