On Wednesday, 21 September, coinciding with the International Day of Peace commemoration, the ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2022 ceremony will be held at the Parliament of Catalonia. In this edition, the award is for the Basque Country’s associative network in favour of peace.

The ICIP 2022 Award highlights the set of peace initiatives of civil society in the Basque Country “for their contribution to the advancement of peace, the end of political violence and the creation of new frameworks for coexistence and reconciliation”.

These initiatives include numerous entities, collectives and NGOs. Some have played a key role in moving towards resolving the conflict, such as the Permanent Social Forum or the already dissolved Coordinadora Gesto por la Paz and Elkarri/Lokarri.

Entities that work for education for peace, the promotion of coexistence and human rights are also included, grouped in the Foro de Asociaciones de Asociaciones de Educación en Derechos Humanos y por la Paz, with a prominent role by Gernika Gogoratuz.

Finally, the award highlights dialogue experiences led by victims, such as the Encuentros Ciudadanos-Memoria Lab or the Restorative Encuentros between prisoners and victims of ETA.

Representatives of the various awarded entities will attend the 2022 ICIP Award ceremony (time to be determined).