Seminari Estat de Pau. Construir un estat segur i en pau. Com enfocar la seguretat i la defensa en un nou estat d’Europa. Barcelona: Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; Líniazero, 2016.

Building a Secure and Peaceful State is a contribution to the social dialogue on state security and defense. It argues that both existing and newly created states, such as Catalonia could become in the future, should deal with conflict from a non-military perspective and should abandon armed defense as a pillar of security.

For three years a group of people from various groups and organizations working in the field of peace shared thoughts and ideas until they came up with common formulations for the concepts discussed. The State of Peace Seminar, heir to the Pau i Treva group, was created in September 2012 to meet the demands of Catalan social movements dealing with a pro-sovereignty process that aims to be radical in its approach but deeply democratic and peaceful in manner.