Pau Casals, escrits i discursos: pau, pau i sempre pau! Josep M. Figueres (ed.)

Josep M. Figueres (ed.). Pau Casals. Escrits i discursos: pau, pau i sempre pau! Institut Català Internacional per la Pau; Angle, 2010. Col·lecció Clàssics de la pau i de la noviolència, 2.

The life and works of Pau Casals are famous due to the importance of this Catalan who gained worldwide status as one of the most recognized musicians of the 20th Century, but who was also known for his deep social conscience. This edition is a collection of pieces that demonstrate Casal’s social vision in favor of human liberty and decidedly against intolerance.

Historian Josep Maria Figueres has assembled this collection containing more than one hundred letters, notes, and speeches that illustrate the public, social and musical trajectory of Casal’s activism. The book concentrates on Casal’s life from the 1920s until his death, with a special focus on the time he spent in exile.

The editor

Josep Maria Figueres is a Historian and Professor of the History of Journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is specialized in the study of Catalan Nationalism. His studies have focused on Councils of War and the Catalan press in particular, topics on which he has done extensive research. Figueres has published a number of Research Projects on these subjects that have received popular recognition, as well as having worked on manuals, etc.