Hip-hop for Peace Contest

The ICIP Hip-hop for Peace Contest aims to give visibility to the commitment and creativity of young people in the field of culture of peace.

It is aimed at girls and boys from Catalonia interested in reflecting on peace, non-violence and human rights through music.

The contest has two modalities: in the first, students of compulsory secondary education, vocational training or baccalaureate of Catalonia can present themselves; in the second modality, boys and girls between 12 and 25 years old linked to youth, cultural, civic or socio-educational action centres and organizations in Catalonia can apply. In both cases, you must enter the competition in a group of at least three.

To take part, you need to compose a hip-hop piece with verses of your creation and make a video recording of your performance, lasting a maximum of 4 minutes. 

The lyrics of the songs should be related to the celebration of the differences, coexistence in urban or school spaces, the critique of violence; the denunciation of human rights violations; solidarity with people trapped or fleeing armed conflict; or the role of young people in peacebuilding.

The competition has the support of the Department of Education, the General Directorate of Youth and the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation.

Sixth edition 2020

School bullying, racism and the refugee crisis are the central themes of the 6th ICIP Hip-hop Contest for Peace.

Fifth edition 2020

Gender-based violence, school bullying and racism, central themes of the winning clips of the V Hip-hop Contest for Peace.

Fourth edition 2019

School bullying, racism, feminist struggle and solidarity with refugees are central themes of the winning pieces of the IV Hip-hop Contest for Peace.

Third edition 2018

Solidarity with refugees and the denunciation of violence against women, central themes of the winning clips of the third edition Hip-hop Contest for Peace.

Second edition 2017

Students from INS Lauro and the Garraf Youth Office win the second edition of the Hip-hop for Peace Competition.

First edition 2016

Students from Les Franqueses and young people from La Fedelatina win the Hip-hop Contest for Peace.

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ICIP Alfons Banda Award

The aim is to give visibility to the commitment and creativity of young people in the field of the culture of peace. 



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